About Us

We strongly believe in our people and our customers, so providing you with amazing products is our goal. We take pride in knowing we offer solutions and products which we personally test and ensure they meet our standards.

But it’s more than a product or service, it is about the relationship. We take the time to learn our clients, establish a relationship and really understand your goals and your needs. We then create the optimal solution for you, knowing no two businesses are alike! From there, we then execute on our promises and deliver.

We are blessed and amazed by our customers. We’ve established very close bonds and have continued to create new ways we can serve and provide you with excellent products.

“What separates us is not just what we do, but how we do it!”

– Corey Sargent

Ashley Myers

Ashley graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1996 with a degree in molecular biology, and spent about 7 years doing research & development for corporate America. His IT experience however began much earlier, being an enthusiast/hobbyist since the age of about 12, and in 2003 made a career move to the IT industry. In support of other academic and career endeavors Ashley has been building PCs and networks for specialty requirements in business and labratory environments for over 10 years, for such applications as labratory information management and digital microscopic imaging. Ashley also has experience in web development and network design, and as a Microsoft Certified Professional has continued his training and expansion of IT competencies. Ashely serves as our President of Technology and is one of our Co-Founders.

Corey Sargent

Corey has over 25 years experience in the IT industry. His IT experience began at his fathers store at the age of 13. There he learned the basics about computers and networks. Corey then went on to Georgia Perimeter College where he studied Computer Science. During college Corey decided to change direction and went back into IT and desktop support. Corey has continued on the IT field since 1999 and is certified with Microsoft and with SonicWall. Corey serves as the President of Operations and is one of our Co-Founders.

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